CO-OP Academy Review!

Recently, our team have been out to the Co-Op Academy branch in Stoke to deliver Motive8 and WorkFit to students! It proved to be a memorable experience for both learner and specialist tutors alike. Marie Cunningham, Head of Student Services, at the Co-Op Academy has kindly provided us with some amazing feedback. Here is what she had to say!

If you can remember, how did you hear about The Youth Employment Academy’s school provision?

“I heard about the school provision through an email from yourselves. This then started a dialogue about the online CPD you were offering during the pandemic.”

How did you find the process of booking your session and completing the necessary paperwork?

“The whole administration process was simple and easy to complete. This made it more appealing as sometimes it can be a huge laborious task which then can be off putting to do. Basically, it was made as simple as it could be and added to the appeal of signing up.”

Do you feel that you received enough information about the sessions in order to make an informed decision about their suitability for your students?

“Yes, the information provided was really clear and we also had some virtual meetings to go over the sessions.”

Was the content and delivery of the sessions appropriate and accessible to your students? Please add details if you can – was there any specific topics/activities that were especially helpful or relevant?

“We had the whole of our Yr11 cohort take part in both the WorkFit and Motiv8 sessions. Both of these were superb and just what our students needed. Staff commented on how good the content of the sessions were.”

How did you find the tutors’ delivery of the sessions?

“Amazing – so, so good. Having the same tutor meant that even though it was virtual, students could build up a relationship with the Tutor and staff felt this helped students engage.”

How would you explain the impact of these sessions on the students that took part? Positive/Negative? How so? What have they gained?

“Positive, students have missed so much around CEIAG and PSHE during the pandemic and these sessions helped us to cover topics we would have otherwise been unable to cover. They have gained some really useful work skills through the WorkFit sessions and some of our students really needed some sessions around consent etc as well.”

Looking forwards, what Careers/Pastoral alternative provision would be beneficial to the students you work with? For example, would sessions on certain topics be preferable, such as employability, self-confidence, public-speaking, money management, County Lines, Mental Health etc?

“Everything you covered. A specific unit around money management – how to set up a bank account, budgeting, buying a house, credit cards, loans etc is really needed. There was a course (CeFE I think), that covered a lot of what students needed to know. Something like this would be useful.”

Would you be interested in working with the Youth Employment Academy again in the future? If so, I’ll be in touch soon to arrange this


Any other comments? Thank you so much for your time and effort. Staff and students really benefited from the sessions.

“We would love to get you into the Academy physically as well at some point, but virtual worked well. The time and effort you have put into ensuring that the resources and content is appropriate is clear and very much appreciated. I feel that the Year 11 students are leaving with something extra that will make them stand out from the other Year 11’s across the city. Thank you so much.”

Thank you to all at the Co-op Academy. We look forward to working with you again.

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