Jacob Fleming – His Traineeship Experience

Jacob Fleming is a nineteen-year-old with aspirations to become a professional boxer. Earlier on in his life, Jacob attended college. However, he left college in January 2020 and became a NEET (not in education, employment, or training). As college was not for him, the aspiring boxer looked for alternative opportunities to help his career. He recently discovered The Youth Employment Academy which directed him to Traineeships.

Traineeships are government-funded schemes which offer employment opportunities to young adults who are not in work. Traineeships are placements for those aged between 19-24 and as part of the scheme, participants are required to complete 70 hours work experience. After their two-week work experience, learners will be given a mock interview to receive feedback and further develop their skills. Traineeships are also a good opportunity to receive permanent job roles. Let us take Jacob for example: Jacob Fleming received a Traineeship from Tamworth Boxing Club and now is progressing onto a Kickstart role!

The traineeship scheme also helps young adults, like Jacob, receive qualifications such as Maths and English, which can further promote employability opportunities!

Below, you will find an interview with Jacob Fleming. The video includes all the questions you are wanting to know about Jacob’s Traineeship journey.

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