Unsure Where to Take Your Career?

The world is big, and it can be difficult to figure out where exactly you’re heading in life. Perhaps you’ve recently left school, or maybe you are looking to advance your career and begin a new stage in life. It’s easy to feel anxious about where your career is going, especially as we are beginning to recover from the pandemic. This blog will provide some advice and guidance from The Youth Employment Academy (YEA!) team that may help you find a direction for your career.

Firstly, don’t worry. You are not alone. A report by The Prince’s Trust and YouGov (https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/about-the-trust/news-views/young-people-in-lockdown) has shown that young people throughout the country are feeling concerned for their careers. Everyone is currently in the same boat. It is important to remember that while there will be challenges ahead, you can pursue your dream career!

Next, research your potential career paths. It may be that you already have a clear picture of where you want to be. If not, think about what you enjoy. It could have been a subject in school, or a particular part of a job you have now. Think about what about it truly captures you. For example, if you enjoyed logical thinking and working with numbers, perhaps a career in data analytics is for you.

Once you have a clearer picture of which direction you want to develop your career, it’s time to begin to build towards it. Advancing your career will often mean needing to develop your skills further, and there are many forms this development can take. Here are a few examples of opportunities that could help you establish your career.


An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience while training. Apprenticeships exist for a wide variety of fields, making it a brilliant avenue to build a career from. Through YEA! you can be paired with a variety of employers for apprenticeships, helping you get your feet on the career ladder.


Traineeships give you a two-week work placement with a company, with it ending in an interview for a position. Included with the placement is fully funded training in employability and functional skills, giving you both the opportunity to trial the job while also gaining transferable workplace skills. Get in contact with YEA! to see if a traineeship would be right for you.

University/Further Education:

Some careers will require you to have a set of more specialised qualifications. For these careers, further education can be essential to progress. YEA! Offers a range of courses that have the potential to progress to higher level qualifications. Alternatively, university may be the option for you.

Whatever the future holds for your career, YEA! is here to help. YEA! provides a variety of career paths through our opportunity portal. Additionally, check out our Pathways to Employment for courses that can serve as the foundation to your future career.

Get in touch with us for further support and guidance around developing your career!

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