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Preparing for a job interview is nerve-racking to say the least! Whether it is your first time attending a job interview, or you have had multiple before, everyone can benefit from a little guidance. We understand there is a lot to remember when it comes to making a great first impression. Therefore, we have constructed this blog to make the process simple for you! This blog is full of tips and tricks to guarantee your dream job.

1. Do your research!

Make sure you have some background on the company you are being interviewed by. This is always important as you do not want any surprise questions! Interviewers expect you have a decent knowledge of what they do as company. They will see that you show genuine interest in their company. It will also allow the conversation to flow!

2. Looking presentable

First impressions count! You need to dress for the job you want. Ask the interviewer beforehand about the dress code of the workplace and decide what to wear from there! If you do not have anyone you can ask, research the company! Do not forget the little things: Pet hairs, loose threads, holes, and stains in clothing!

3. Planning your route

Make sure you are on time! Therefore, planning your route is the most sensible thing to do. Scout out the traffic, how long it is going to take you, whether there is any public transportation available or shortcuts if things go wrong. Being early is better than being late! You can use those extra few minutes wisely.

4. Anticipate the interview questions

While no two job interviews are the same, there are some questions that are extremely popular among interviewers. These could be: What are your strengths/weaknesses? Why should I hire you? Why do you want this job? Why should I pick you for this role? What are your salary expectations? Why did you leave your previous job?

5. Prepare some potential questions to ask the interviewer!

There is nothing worse for interviewers than interviewing someone who is not engaged in the meeting. You need to come across excited to be there. Coming prepared with your own questions is a MUST! Some good ones are: Do you like working at this company? Why did you decide to work here? Is there a good work dynamic between colleagues? What does a day look like in this company? I would not recommend asking questions regarding salary until after you have gotten a job offer.

6. Write things down

Again, you need to look interested in this conversation. Taking notes allows you to look interested and efficient. Whether its just for show or to remember something the employer said, its always good to bring a pen and notebook with you!

7. Pay attention to your body language

It is known that how you perceive yourself, is how others perceive you! Your body language is a key factor for any employer as they subconsciously take note of it without realising. Sit up straight, talking with your hands and make eye contact. These subtle hints will allow the employer to view you more highly.

Use these steps the next time you have an interview and a new job might be on yours cards! Good luck from everyone at the Youth Employment Academy and if you would like any other information, advice or guidance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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